Sara Loewenthal

Sara Loewenthal has worked in the field of education for the past 18 years. She has worked as a teacher, special education therapist, literacy coordinator, specialist teacher and school leader. 

Sara has her Masters in special education from Daemen College and her Masters in education in developmental psychology from the University of Toronto. Sara completed Yeshiva University’s school leadership training (YU Lead) and completed her principal qualification program (PQP 1) at the University of Toronto.


Sara’s love for Yiddishkeit is fused together with her passion for student centred education. She believes that when children are viewed as capable and competent, curiosity and critical learning abound.

Sara is looking forward to leading and teaching in a school where purposeful, personal, and positive pedagogy is employed.


Sara also understands the importance of parent partnership and the involvement of the wider community in school settings.