Tamim Academy of York Region builds upon the success of Gan Shalom Preschool and Torah Tots Preschool of the Arts. With a combined total of over 65 years of experience in education and thousands of graduates, these preschools are known for the connected and diverse community it has created in the York Region. Students build a foundation for a life of strong Jewish pride, academic success and moral courage. Tamim will be a home for any Jewish family who is seeking a wholesome Jewish education utilizing the most advanced and progressive tools and pedagogy.

At Tamim Academy our goal is to create a warm and welcoming community. We believe that the way in which parents come together to support each other and the school is imperative to each child’s wholesome education.

The success of our community depends on your involvement. We hope you will take advantage of the many opportunities throughout the year to get involved in the classroom and with other families in the Tamim Academy of York Region community.

“Our Goal at Tamim Academy is to educate the Whole Child: The emotional, psychological, intellectual and the spiritual.
Chanoch Lnaar Al Pi Darco – Eduate a child according to HIS-HER way!
Tamim Academy has the tools to guarantee a bright future for each child.”
Mrs. Goldie Plotkin
“Tapping into the soul’s energy enriches every facet of life. At Tamim, the development of mind, body and soul together build the foundation for a happy and successful future.”