Tuition for the 2024/2025 school year is $17, 650 for the year per child.
We are in the process of licensing our Kindergarten classroom. Please speak to Rabbi Bernstein directly about the tuition fee for this.

Early Bird Discount:
There is an early bird discount if you apply before December 31st, 2023, of $17,000 per child.

Registration Fee:
There is a $500 registration fee that is due upon registering your child. Your child’s application will not be reviewed until the $500 fee is paid. This fee will go towards your child’s tuition (it is not an additional expense). The $500 will be reimbursed if your child is not accepted into Tamim Academy of YR, but will not be refunded if you choose not to send your child.

Payment Option:
You can choose to pay the tuition fee upfront either with your CC or a cheque made out to Tamim Academy of YR.
You may also choose to pay via our installment payment plan:
1. 20% of the annual tuition is due and payable upon the signing of enrolment agreement.
2. 8 post-dated cheques for the remainder of the tuition balance payable on the first day of each month starting August 1, 2024, and ending March 1, 2025.

Refund Policy:
Withdrawal before July 1, 2024: Complete refund, less 10% of annual tuition
Withdrawal before August 1, 2024: Complete refund, less 20% of annual tuition
Withdrawal before September 1, 2024: Complete refund, less 30% of annual tuition
Withdrawal after September 1, 2024: A pro-rated refund, less 30% of annual tuition

Subsidies are available upon request. Please refer to the financial aid application on our website.
Additional Fees:
– These are some of the additional costs:
– $400 extra-curricular club fee
– $100 book fee
– Shabbaton, Chanukah party (fees to the meal)
– Hot lunch fee (this is optional)